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How Startups Get Funded

Startups demand creative freedom but at the same time require investment.

  • However the first task of startups is LEARNING.
  • Learning to be accountable within a structured plan that they themselves made.
  • Learning to get to know the nature of the market they want to tap into.
  • Learning to report to stakeholders who invest in their vision.
  • Learning to run a business while leading it.

AMAN SINAYA helps you learn all these within an approach that merges mentoring, management consultancy, business development, and change management.

How Investors Get Better Returns

Ideas are better when we ask the question "How can we make it work".
Typically this answers the question of how we can make a typical investment work.
By providing wisdom from AMAN SINAYA's leaders' track records, infused with new blood from constantly collaborating with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, we developed a system leveraging on a multi-stakeholder environment.

We provide clarity, integrity, and accountability within the stages of developing a business through change, whether they be startups, expansions, diversifications, streamlining, or acquisitions.

Learn from our intrapreneurs - they are entrepreneurs working in AMAN SINAYA.

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