The Team

Tony Roldan, Jr., PhD, RODC

Tony holds a 40-year track record in organizational development, change management and HR trainings for over 30 key business and government organizations including Petron, Coke, Intel, National Power Corporation, the Philippine Stock Exchange, PhilSteel Holdings, Steel Asia, San Miguel Corporation, and PLDT where he was instrumental to the longest-running campaign "Touching Lives".

Tony holds several groundbreaking copyrights in organizational management training and integrity development initiatives with consistent success in both the private and public sectors, including advising heads of states and multinational companies, among others.

He founded and served as head of the advisory group of Transparency International (TI) and led the Integrity Initiative project for 30 member companies in the European Chamber of Commerce.

He holds a PhD in Organizational Development from Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute (SAIDI) School of Organization Development (OD) and founded the the Organizational Development Associates Inc. (ODAI) which certifies OD experts in the country.

He is also a Registered Organization Development Consultant (RODC) of the Ohio USA-based Organization Development Institute (ODI).



Tet Gallardo

Tet began as a youth leader for change initiatives in think tanks serving then President Cory Aquino who was restarting democracy in the Philippines. At 24, she moved on to become management consultant in various multi-stakeholder environments including 30 non-profits, 3 government agencies, and progressive political campaigns for 3 presidents and a number of cabinet secretaries and legislators over 20 years.

At 28, she pioneered the business model of food cart franchising with her company Dim Sum King. After five years, the rage has caught on and continues to this day.

She managed PR projects for Honda, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and Philip Morris and worked for ABS-CBN's writer's pool before she established a freelance website design business in New York.

In Accenture, she developed leadership training for managers and managed project startup segments for huge clients like Google, Microsoft-Nokia merger, Wellpoint, Cigna, the Dutch telecom KPN, and the International Airline Group (British Airways, Iberia). She also worked in commercials and governance segments for Globe Telecom's transformation team.

She studied MBA in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business's program partnered with Regis University in Colorado. She also holds certificates in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.


Eshan Esu

Eshan Esu (Chief Operating Officer, COO) Eshan started in India, in one of Asia’a largest educational company CL Educate Ltd. as Assistant Branch Manager for over 4 years. He specialized in quantitative aptitude and reasoning in India's education sector preparing interested citizens for national and state examinations. He was highly involved in diversifying its market for 3 various services.

He then moved to the Philippines, earning a Masters in Management from Asian Institute of Management with a major in Cost Accountancy. His management research report placed 25 among over 5,000 business cases in all of Asia (Eureka B-Plan).

In Accenture, he developed operational concepts expediting the achievement of 3 sigma standards. He formulated various operational strategies which paved way for opportunities eventually utilized by incorporating modules and planning to increase efficiency.

In Moozen Core Consultancy, he worked as Business Operational Consultant providing strategic insights that led to the company's expansion. The company took over the operations of two companies for which he lead the financials and negotiations for Moozen. He has also formulated the business plan and provide methodology for operational excellence.